Afsar (2018) Punjabi Full Movie High Quality Free Download

Afsar (2018) Punjabi Full Movie High Quality Free Download. The team of ‘Afsar’ deserves praise for trying to serve a simple movie in multiplexes embedded deep into jazzy malls.

Director: Gulshan Singh
Writer: Jass Grewal
Stars: Tarsem Jassar, Nimrat Khaira, Gurpreet Ghuggi

Going against the trend and evoking bucolic nostalgia was a bold move, almost as bold as not releasing the music of the film in advance, even though the leading couple is made up of two celebrated singers with large fan followings. It was, however, an
experiment that failed.

Afsar (2018)punjabi Latest HD Quality Movies Trailer

The first half of the movie slowly builds up, showcasing idiosyncrasies of characters and farcicalities of life, but always keep the viewer relaxed and there is only a slight anticipation at the time of interval that something is likely to go bad for Jaspal and Harman.

 Afsar (2018) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Quality Free Download

The second half tries to convince that there are real hurdles facing them but rather than sympathizing with the couple, you end up pitying those cooped up with you in the hall. The movie could have easily been half its length, and all the better for it.

Only the camera work stands out with colours of rustic beauty of Punjab, scenic and from everyday life, lighting up the screen. 2018 super hit movies are Another good thing about the movie is that all the characters are given their due importance according to the story — only problem, there is no story.
 Afsar (2018) Punjabi Full Movie High Quality Download

One does wonder why was the music of the movie not released in advance. 2018 top earning movies are Was it overconfidence and the team wanted the movie to stand on its own two feet and not take full benefit of Tarsem and Nimrat’s vocal talents to draw the crowd in.

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Only one song ‘Sun Sohniye’, sung by Ranjit Bawa and Nimrat Khaira was released in mid-September and it pulls the listener in. It has failed to gather views in millions, People also download as is almost a norm now for most fast-paced Punjabi songs, people will keep coming back to it when craving something soothing.

Other songs are, however, not in the same league. ‘Udhaar Chalda’, sung by Gurnam Bhullar and Nimrat and featuring Himanshi Khurana is likely to do well. Title song Afsar fails to register.

Kheen Khaab by Tarsem Jassar that comes up as a bonus track with closing credit roll and is being liked by hardcore fans of Jassar. Lastly, Nimrat’s Khat will also appeal to her loyal followers only.

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