Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free Download

Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free Download, Kiran (Kreshna) could be a tv telemarketer, WHO gets into hassle once one in all his merchandise has associate opposite impact than what was meant, on the son of an area strong-armer.

Director: Nicolas Saada
Writer: Nicolas Saada
Stars: Stacy Martin

Raj Mahal 4(2018) Latest HD Quality Movies Trailer

that’s additionally the instant once he discovers that his ‘real’ father left him a cottage on associate estate during a settlement. He cons the son of the don, escapes with the cash together with his girlfriend Smitha (Rupa Manjari), renovates the run down mansion into a edifice with the assistance of an area caretaker Sharath (Karunakaran) WHO was beneath the care of Kiran’s father before and his bombshell sister Saranya (Oviya).

Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free Download
Customers begin trickling in, however most of them land up dead. Baffled, Kiran tries to uncover the mystery behind the deaths, that leads him to believe that the home is haunted. His suspicions square measure confirmed once things begin going awry within the house, indicating some supernatural presence and once he discovers that the those who checked into his edifice were all previous house owners of the land and every one dead themselves. They shortly visit ask for facilitate from brother Adaikalam, WHO could be a cheat. They snatch him and convey him to the house.

Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed FullQuality Free Download
The foursome catch associate previous man within the house assumptive he’s a felon. However, the previous man says that he and therefore the others can die if they leave the edifice. He narrates that the house was haunted by a ghost — Mohini (Anaswara Kumar) WHO would kill the owner of the house. shortly the ghost starts to possess the folks within the house and attacks Kiran.

Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Hd Movie Free Download
The gang is finally treed with no likelihood of escape. it’s same that they might die by time of day. Hearing somebody banging on the door, Kiran opens the door to search out the don, his son and his thugs. The don asks for the house reciprocally for the cash he conned from him. Feeling pity for them, Kiran warns them concerning the spirit. Not being attentive to Kiran, the don forces him to sign the papers for the house. Kiran and his friends square measure forgoing and that they see the spirits of the previous house owners on their answer. even as they’re going out, they realize the don and his thugs outside. Knowing that the ghost has killed the don’s cluster since it’s time of day, Kiran and his cluster walk off.

Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

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