Poramon 2 (2018) Bangla Full Movie Download

Poramon 2 (2018) Bangla Full Movie Free Download HD Quality, After the huge industrial success of “Poramon” (2013), that launched the acting careers of Mahiya Mahi and Salmon Sadik, Jaaz transmission worn through myriad scripts for a worthy sequel. With sky-high expectations, a debutant director and a newcomer enjoying the feminine lead, “Poramon 2” is taking over a frightening challenge.

Director: Raihan Rafi
Writer: Raihan Rafi
Stars: Siam Ahmed, Puja Cherry Roy, Bapparaj

poramon 2 (2018) Bengali Full Movie Free Download Trailer

Will they break the record set 5 years agone. The film’s actress Puja Chery, director Raihan Rafi and govt producer Africa Moho share the never-before-told within scoop of the lot of anticipated Eid film with the national capital apse Showtime’s Sadia Khalid Puja: It’s not a sequel. Poramon 2 Full Movie Download. It will be referred to as the second installment of “Poramon.” They’re not alike.

Poramon 2 (2018) Bangla Full Movie Download
The protagonists carry an equivalent name in each movie.
Rafi: It’s a brand new story. it had been written as a story, not as a sequel. once the producer found the script, he determined to relinquish it that name. Poramon 2 Full Movie HD Download. As “Poramon” was the most important hit from Jaaz, he needed to envision if we have a tendency to might break that record with another story.

Poramon 2 (2018) Bangla Full Movie Free Download
It catapulted Salmon and Mahi into high status. They needed to form “Poramon 2” for a protracted time, however, they didn’t notice an appropriate story.
Moho: it had been our biggest hit. some time passed once individuals saw the film, they cried. This story has an equivalent brokenhearted feel thereto. Poramon 2 Full Movie HD Quality Download. once Rafi Bhai told ME the story and asked if I’m getting to work on this project or not, I couldn’t manage my tears.

Poramon 2 (2018) Bangla Full Movie HD Download
The story was therefore sensible. therefore we’re approximation once looking at the picture, individuals can walk out of the hall crying. that’s a similarity between these 2 films.

poramon 2 (2018) Bengali full Movie high quality Download Link

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