Laatu (2018) Punjabi Full Movie HD Free Download

Laatu (2018) Punjabi Full Movie HD Free Download, Laatu may be a Punjabi film free on sixteen Nov, 2018. The film is directed by Manav Shah and featured Gagan Kokri, Hindu deity Sharma, Our heaps of downloaded movies area unit Karamjit Anmol and Sardar Sohi as lead characters. Recent connected printed movies area unitalternative common actors United Nations agency were roped sure Laatu area unit Ashish Duggal and Anita Devgan

Director: Manav Shah
Writer: Surmeet Maavi (dialogue)
Stars: Gagan Kokri, Aditi Sharma, Karamjit Anmol

Laatu (2018) Latest Panjabi HD Quality Movies Trailer

What primarily works for Laatu is its essence. Right from the setting, to the era, and also the joy of transferral the primary electrical bulb within the village, Laatu has its heart within the right place. The film starts off quite well with the village rejoicing the innovation of laatu and afterwards Gagan falling dotty with Hindu deity. the manufacturers take adequate time with the romance between Sattu and Jeeti and within the scenes wherever Sattu tries to fix the problems between his and Jeeti’s father. The ups associated downs of their relationship take an altogether new route once her father challenges Sattu to put in laatu in their village among 3 months. These scenes keep you most engaged throughout the film.

Laatu (2018) Punjabi Full Movie HD Free Download
Post interval starts the sport of pattern between the govt. officers and Sattu. The proceedings area unit quite fascinating and most of the musical tracks mix in well with the story. The climax scene is surprising and particularly touching, departure you with a ‘brightly shining’ smile.

Laatu (2018) Punjabi Full HD Movie Free Download
Gagan Kokri makes a good debut. His visual communication is ideal. Hindu deity Sharma may be a gem. She perpetually brings her own charm to each role and doesn’t thwart here either. Karamjit Anmol provides the much-required laughter, whereas Ashish Duggal and Sardar Sohi area unit first-rate. Rahul Jungral additionally impresses in his scenes.

With a reasonably literary script by Dheeraj Rattan, Manav Shah makes positive that the film doesn’t detonate track at any given purpose of your time. He takes special care of the ambiance and setting of the film and succeeds in transferral out a reasonably amusing war between villages with and while not electricity.

Laatu (2018) Punjabi Full Movie HD Print Quality Free Download
What Could’ve Been Better:
Some work on the dialogues would have created Laatu excellent. There was adequate scope for additional comedy, romance, and contention, however the intensity of the scenes appear to fizzle owing to the weak dialogues.

Why you must Watch:
Watch Laatu for its distinctive construct. The film takes you back to the time once there was no electricity in villages and folks would look forward to months to urge a bulb put in in their homes. The film splendidly portrays the clash of egos between Sardar Sohi and Ashish Duggal and additionally between Gagan Kokri and Rahul Jungral to win Hindu deity Sharma‘s love.

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