Eedu Gold Ehe (2018) Hindi Dubbed Full movie Hd free download

Eedu Gold Ehe (2018) Hindi Dubbed Full movie Hd free download  because the film begins, advanced wrongdoer Mahadev (Puneet Issar) makes his villainy clear, warning his son (Charandeep) that he will not be spared if he errs with judgement following time.

Director: Veeru Potla
Stars: Ananth, Puneet Issar, Jayasudha.

Cut to curd rice boy Bangarraju (Sunil), UN agency brings unhealthy luck upon his leader with all sensible intentions. when victimizing Prudhvi, he moves to Hyderabad to harass Prabhas Sreenu.

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His life goes for a toss mutually mysterious character when another (a half-naked woman Richa Panai, a violent outlaw Posani Krishna Murali, and bound baddies) mistake him for Sunil Varma, UN agency has purloined off artifacts from Mahadev’s house.

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Bangarraju must race against the clock to trace Sunil Varma, UN agency is on the run. If he does not hurry up, he can lose his new-found non-mother mother (Jayasudha) and non-brother brother (Arvind Krishna). In this, he has none to fall back on, except his guts that kick off with enjoyment if and once he can run out of patience.

Hits: All comedians (Sunil excluded) have done an honest job (*conditions applied). Prudhvi, senior Naresh, Shakalaka Shankar, Vennela Kishore, Prabha Sreenu et al elicit laughs where the writing is nice.

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Veeru Potla’s dialogues keep company with some sparks. The story line is OK. The twist within the tale is well-executed. The ‘kodi’ episode brings the house down. Richa Panai and Sushma rule do an honest job.

Misses: Veeru Potla pens a comedy of confusion with an honest quantity of focus. Since the main focus is just too a lot of, the noise is also an excessive amount of. (To be honest to him, the ‘kodi’ comedy track in half is that the solely scene that is there for the sake of it).

While the book ought to are less convoluted, Sunil is forced connected an excessive amount of on his puny shoulders. the concept of the male lead unleashing his potential for gravity-defying action solely when a lot of romp with useless pacifism, borders on the ridiculous.

The mother sentiment is just too ready-made. Jayasudha does not leave a control. Neither will Sunil, UN agency will a story by going remarkably overboard.

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For God’s sake, let Sunil’s administrators understand that he should not be shown as each an honest Telugu cinema hero and a comedian with Mr. Bean-esque traits right away.

Much as Sunil gets to mention several originative lines film when film, his comic temporal arrangement has taken a beating either as a result of he’s confused that section of audience to cater to or as a result of he has become egotistic.

The climax parts, involving all the characters, might are done higher. The songs area unit ‘rolled gold ehe’. Action choreography is standard.

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